What is blanc-basic-pages?

blanc-basic-pages is a simple Django package which acts as a replacement for flatpages.

Certain features of flatpages have been removed to make administration easier, and other features have been added.

Design notes

Page Tree

Pages uses the django-mptt package to organise the page tree hierarchy. By using a page tree it allows site managers to use the Django admin to organise the navigation used on the site without having to edit any templates.

Sites framework removed

To remove complexity, the sites framework dependency has been removed. This removes the risk of the same URL being used multiple times and causing a MultipleObjectsReturned exception, as well as making it easier to use a page tree.

Templates configurable as a setting

The admin for pages limits the options for templates to the choices available in the select box. Site staff can pick a defined template instead of having to enter the filename of a template.

This list of templates is configurable as PAGE_TEMPLATES in your project settings file.

Errors will generate exceptions

Flatpages catches any exceptions and serves an error 404 page, which is a sane default given that site staff can cause problems by choosing an invalid template. As the pages admin restricts this, any exceptions for pages will be raised and not ignored.